Allegro is Introducing New Technology

  • Jan 8, 2024


We are very excited to introduce our new client facing dashboard.  When we begin working on your project, you will be sent a link to your dashboard.  You will also get updates along the way.  If you do not want update emails, we are happy to opt you out.  Here are some highlights.

  • Your Logo will show in the upper left, if we have it.
  • Project Name.
  • Progress of your project.
  • Upload any artwork - we will upload if we already have it or our art department will request and upload.  
  • You can give us feedback or ask questions.  You can still email us.
  • Under Recent Activity you will get updates like artwork approved, presentation, order placed, and tracking number.


We hope this will be a tool to help you know exactly where we are in the process of your order.  As always, we are very hands on and want to hear from you so always reach out to us.

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